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My experience consulting for Better Life Vietnam - Roland

Being an Entrepreneurship & Tourism student, I am especially interested in educational charities like Better Life Vietnam (BLV), which is a Vietnamese tourism social enterprise - it combines social entrepreneurship with community-based tourism. After being a traveller in Vietnam for one month, I wanted to continue to positively impact the country, as the society had already welcomed me in such a friendly manner. This was why I decided to join BLV as a strategy consultant - helping to establish a go-to-market strategy for Europe.

Working together with the Business Development team in Germany, we were able to create an in-depth market analysis, as well as a schedule for the necessary upcoming actions. Working together with a variety of people from different countries and backgrounds was challenging at first, but also immensely rewarding in various ways. I am still grateful for the ongoing support from Thinh and the team from Germany, for their commitment and cooperativeness! Voluntarily working for BLV was an educational experience and I am happy to say I was part of the project. I wish Thinh and the whole BLV team of volunteers, the very best for the future as they meet the demand for education in Vietnam.