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My volunteering experience at Better Life Vietnam - Ivan Nkenla

My name is Ivan Nkenla, I am a young Cameroonian. I recently graduated from Emlyon Business School with a master of science in Corporate Finance. After my graduation, I wanted to do something interesting like serving people and supporting humanitarian projects. Moreover, I was looking to work with an international team so I devised a strategy to achieve my goal.

First, I attended conferences in person and online, held in Cameroon and led by NGOs. The conferences concerned the NGOs’ missions, how they work and how to become a member of staff. Secondly, I decided to explore different online volunteering opportunities and I discovered This website is owned by the United Nations (UN) and it was practical and easy to navigate through the different voluntary roles that were on offer. At first, it was not easy to find a mission that suited my qualifications and aspirations but I kept searching nonetheless. Fortunately, I discovered Better Life Vietnam (BLV), a Viet…

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