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Students’ Perspective on BLV’s Online English Language Program - Nikol Nikolova

In 2019, the estimated total number of English speakers was 1.121 billion , making it the most widely spoken language in the world. As a result, it’s undeniable that speaking English is a vital tool in the labour market of our ever so globalized world. However, what may seem as easy as buying a textbook or enrolling in an online course is in fact a major challenge for children in rural areas who don’t have access to qualified teachers, resources and the necessary infrastructure.  Recognizing this issue, Better Life Vietnam launched its online English learning program which aims to tackle the inequality in access to education and improve the career prospects of rural children and young people. Motivations for Learning English When asked about their primary motivations for joining the program, many children highlighted the importance of English in the world. They all recognized that English is essential for opening many doors and for providing invaluable knowledge to move forward in the

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