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The Education Climate in Vietnam and Better Life Vietnam’s Mission - Nikol Nikolova

Vietnam’s education landscape has long displayed a bias in favor of urban areas. This means most educational facilities and opportunities are concentrated in urban regions. Consequently, underprivileged children and youth in rural areas remain unable to obtain access to adequate education, leaving them at a staggering disadvantage.  According to The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), young people from minority groups and/or living in rural areas, as well as those from poor households, obtain lower levels of educational attainment in comparison with others. Additionally, young women are among the groups most disadvantaged by this climate. Similarly, the research project Young Lives: An International Study of Childhood Poverty reported data from a sample of 1,000 eight-year-old children across five Vietnamese provinces. The children from the sample took numerous basic literacy and numeracy tests, which researchers then analyzed. The researchers concluded that

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