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Empowering Ethnic Minority Students Through Social Entrepreneurship (Part 2)

After the first three weekends learning about social entrepreneurship, start-ups, making business plans,  public speaking, and gender, the students entered the third component of BLV’s training program. This consists of  a ten-day workshop learning how to make handmade quilling artwork. The students were all very excited about this third training component that would help them to be able to make beautiful gifts for their friends and family. Some of the students who are skillful enough, will have a chance to join the quilling handmade production chain of Coeurs De Papier, our  sister organization, which helps to fundraise for our non-profit organization,  Better Life Vietnam.  Better Life Vietnam invited Ngoc, a quilling artist who has been in this industry for seven years. Ngoc started her career as a quilling trainee at a disability  center seven years ago. Due to an illness as a child, she has a disability which reduces mobility in her legs. She used to have to go everywhere with the

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