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From Tanzania to Vietnam: spreading the word about a fair education system for all.

I’m Benson Langay from Tanzania: I work in marketing and sales while part-time volunteering with UVIKIUTA Tanzania from time to time. I am also a Digital Marketing student. I applied to Better Life Vietnam (BLV) because I love to take part in volunteering activities and I believe in sharing knowledge - there’s so much we could achieve both from the individual level and the organizational level, as well as getting to know new people from different parts of the world through exchanging different views towards achieving the common goals of the charity.

Because I am studying Digital Marketing, the project was a way of practising my skills and getting more experience from the other group members, as well as sharing what I know to support BLV’s mission of making life better for children in need in Vietnam.
My role during the period of volunteering with BLV was to promote BLV on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube) while inviting my friends to “like” and support BLV from th…

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