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A thank letter from Nguyen Phuong Thu - BLV scholarship recipient 2019

To:    Better Life Vietnam
         Jeanne Sauve Foundation
         Hilton Hanoi Opera Hotel
         Viet Dan Travel
         Eviva Tour 
Thank you for giving me the opportunity recently to gain experience and learn many useful lessons.

I was very happy when I received the award from you. The two days and one night program was meaningful.  It gave me interesting memories. Those two days were neither too short nor too long and you gave me numerous valuable and useful lessons.

I had an opportunity to meet many people and enjoyed great food in Hanoi. Not only that, I also had an opportunity to visit some important places. Especially, I had the chance to experience a 5-star hotel and study tourism companies. Visiting each place gave me different experiences and learning outcomes.

At the Viet Dan travel company, I was taught more about the tourism industry by Mr. Hoc. In addition, he encouraged us to set goals in life. He also shared his own life experiences in overcoming difficulties.

We visited the Eviva company. There I was given more energy and enthusiasm when I listened to the professionals involved in tourism. Their stories inspired me to work in this industry. I gained better understanding of tourism there. Moreover, they taught us to be confident, to dare to take action, to accept and to face difficulties. We also learnt communication skills and how to express our thoughts in front of a camera.

At the Hilton Hotel, having a chance to enjoy the luxurious and noble life for two days and one night has been a motivation for me to strive harder in my future. When we walked into the hotel, Ms. Thinh Nguyen, the founder of  Better Life Viet Nam, told us: One day, you girls can enjoy all this for yourselves!. I agree and will set it as a goal.

I have gained more knowledge and increased my passion for a career in the hospitality industry that I have now chosen to follow in the future. I have also learnt more about communication skills and learnt to be honest. In addition, my friends and I had an opportunity to attend a hypothetical interview with Mr. Hung the Human Resources Director of Hilton and Ms. Thinh Nguyen. I feel so thankful to Mr. Hung.

Im very grateful to Better Life Vietnam, the Jeanne Sauve Foundation, the Hilton Hotel, and the Viet Dan and Eviva Travel companies.

I need to mention the kind heart of Ms. Thinh Nguyen. I thank you very much for accompanying me during the long journey despite the rain and storm. Youre the one who strengthens and transmits fire to me so that I can work hard and continue to strive in the future.

I promise to do my best, set goals and try hard to achieve those goals. I will study English more to be better able to communicated with people, to be more confident and to learn the additional life skills I need to be independent.

Once again, I would like to send my best wishes and warmest thanks to you. Because of you, I have a better understanding of many things in life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything.

Best regards,
Nguyen Phuong Thu