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End Year Trip 2017

On December 22, Better Life Vietnam took a final trip of the 2017 giving books and teaching English to 450 children of Co Do second primary school in Ba Vi, Hanoi. This trip was much more special because we brought the children not only books, English lessons but also Santa Claus. It was the first time for children of Co Do to see “Ông Già Noel” (Santa Claus in Vietnamese) so the children was very excited. It was the best Christmas party ever for the children and school teachers of Co Do school, and also for the BLV team and the volunteer teachers from the US.
Co Do school is 1.5 hour away from Hanoi. Arriving the school, the Better Life Vietnam team and volunteer teachers were warmly welcome by the teachers and students. We had a meeting with the school teachers at meeting room. Ms Minh who is the principle of Co Do school represented the whole school to thank Better Life Vietnam and volunteer teachers for visiting them and giving them such meaningful gifts of books, English lessons and happiness! Ms Thinh Nguyen, the founder of Better Life Vietnam, represented the Team to thank to teachers and students of Co Do school for warmly welcoming the Team. She also expressed the wish of Better Life Vietnam to support education for the children of Co Do through its two projects, Books Library and English Class.
While Ms Thinh stayed in the meeting room to discuss  the English class program with Ms Minh, the rest of the Team went to school yard where 450 students were waiting for them.
The children were extremely happy to see Santa Claus and foreign volunteer teachers! It was very excited how Santa Claus and volunteer teachers sang a Christmas song for the children! Santa Claus went all the way from North Pole to give books to the children.
Children in rural villages like Co Do have no access to books other than textbooks. They were all excited about receiving such a wide range of book types, from Vietnamese literature to famous International literature such as Grim, The Adventure of Tom Sawer, Robinson Crusoe, as well as science books for children to learn about nature, the earth, history, different cultures, etc..
Another exciting part of the day was the English class offered by the volunteer teachers from the US. Each teacher was divided into each class room to teach English to 30 children. The lessons were very interesting. The children learnt to pronounce and sing ABC song, practice basic conversation such as name introduction and asking other questions about identity, as well as playing games!
As usual, the Team had such a hard time to say bye to the children who wanted to talk to them forever! The school teachers and students requested Better Life Vietnam to bring their team to visit the school again soon in the future. We wish we could do this trip more regularly too. We could see so much joys and happiness in the children’s eyes. We hope to expand our network of volunteer teachers so we will be able to give more knowledge and happiness to underprivileged children and youth. Sign up now to be part of our wonderful trips next year!