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Christmas Party For Children of Ba Vi

On the occasion of Christmas, the BLV Team teams up with Thien Phu English Center to organize a books and scholarship giving ceremony to 600 children of Khanh Thuong, Ba Trai, Vi Thuy villages in Ba Vi, Hanoi. The event filled with joy, happiness and lots of laughs from children, the teachers, and the parents. 

We prepared books as little Christmas gifts for the children.

The event was started with a collective dancing performance by the children.

and then a fashion show performed by the cutest models 

Then Santa Claus surprisingly showed up and gave scholarship to the children

and also books 

The stage for books giving ceremony soon became a reading station!

In the other corners of the hall, Santa's assistant helped give books to other children

The books were perhaps the first and the most meaningful Christmas gifts for these children

These baby boys did not want to leave when the event ended. They wanted to finish the books first! 

Looking at how exciting the children were when they received the books has confirmed our impression that the children love books, they just have a limited access to books in many rural villages of Vietnam. Our aim is to provide access to books to the rest 15 million underprivileged children in Vietnam in the coming years. 

Our event was also successful in a way that it helped raise awareness of parents about the importance of reading books.

Happy mother and baby boy with little Christmas gift from Santa! 

Better Life Vietnam represents the children of Ba Vi, their parents and teachers would like to thank Walter family for supporting us in making this event happen.