What do we do ?

Visiting and giving gifts to the children being treated at the National Pediatrics Hospital

Better Life Vietnam holds ongoing community activities every month. Last Saturday, March 3, 2012, BLV visited and gave presents to children being treated in the Department of Cancer and Hematology at the National Pediatrics Hospital in Hanoi. Joining with the BLV volunteers were foreign students from the BLV Vietnamese Class.

Our groups visited each room in the wards, bringing candies, toys and comics. We played with the children. You could see the happiness in the children’s eyes as we played and sang. Those moments seemed so peaceful.

Yet for these children, life is so short. They are fighting with various deadly forms of cancer every minute, every hour. The diseases have robbed them of the right to play and go to school as children normally do. One day even their present privileges may end.

There are many cases here in our world where people cannot afford the fees for treatment. We have seen such cases. Sometimes, it was a woman taking her baby to the hospital for an injection; his crying aloud seemed to pierce the young mother’s heart. Sometimes it would be a grandmother taking care of her orphaned grandson who was undergoing eight different courses of medical treatment. At another time, there was a man in dismay calling on his relatives for financial support since he cannot afford his child’s fees on his own. All of these people, however, do not seem to have abandoned the hope that one day miracles will work and those children will be able to live a normal life as others do.

We want to say, “Try your best you kids,” since there are many hearts of gold in the world, and the good dream of “Love in the air” is to be seen everywhere.