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BLV Team attended the Sunflowers Festival for pediatric cancer children

On November 11, 2012, BLV Team attended the Sunflower Festival for pediatric cancer patients. This event gave the BLV volunteers some extremely memorable moments.

Although the weather was not favorable, with sudden heavy rain and cold winds, all the volunteers of BLV still maintained their spirit of enthusiasm and tried their best to prepare for the festival. They created big sunflowers with these words merged into the stems of the flowers: "The sunflower festival makes dreams come true for pediatric cancer patients."

True to their name, the sunflowers each looked like a little sun which shone brightly and dispelled the murky clouds and cold wind. Moreover, in the middle of the square was the image of Vietnam adorned with a sea of beautiful paper sunflowers accompanied by many meaningful wishes to encourage cancer patients. These words also warmed the spirits of anyone involved in the festival.

Unfortunately, the scholarship ceremony for cancer children occurred in torrential rain, with the wind getting colder and stronger. Volunteers of BLV took their own umbrellas as cover for the children and their parents so that people could enjoy wonderful performances on the stage and stay until the end of the ceremony.

                                                   Scholarship ceremony for cancer children 

Above all, it was the innocent smiles of the children and grateful eyes of their parents that made the day an unforgettable memory for all the volunteers. Those smiles also motivated them to overcome the bad weather. As a result, the festival was held in the warm air of love, empathy and sharing.