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The Green Saturday

Saturday, December 18, 2010

BLV is steaming up with a German NGO, the German Vietnamese Community Development Organization and some other local volunteer groups to carry out the Books Project. Today, we took our first trip delivering 638 books and organizing a Christmas party for 400 pupils at Gia Hung primary school in Ninh Binh province. 
The village is 100 km far from Hanoi. It takes 2 hours to arrive the village. We had to start quiet early in the morning so that we could arrive the village early enough to carry out all activities.

We were warmly welcomed by the local authorities, the school teachers and the pupils. In this trip, we delivered Complementary Books which give the pupils extra exercises to do. We also delivered Picture Stories which are collected from the pupils in the city of Hanoi. All of these Books and Picture Stories will be put in the library of this primary school. 

Checking the number of Books with the School's Teachers

The children are so excited about reading the new books

While we were having a meeting with the local authorities and the school teachers and giving books to the school, other group of volunteers were outside drawing a big picture on the water tank at the conner of the school and sweeping the school-yard.

Drawing a picture on the one side of the Water Tank

We also painted a big picture to give to the Library of the School.

Afternoon, We organized a Christmas party for the children. That was the first Christmas party in their lives. We was able to invite Ong Gia Noel (In Vietnam we call Santa Claus by Ong Gia Noel) to join our party and give presents to the children.up

400 children sitting in lines waiting for Ong Gia Noel 

Ong Gia Noel appeared and told the children how happy he was to join the party with the children

Ong Gia Noel giving presents to the children who won the "writing letter to Ong Gia Noel" competition

Ong Gia Noel giving presents to the children

The children were so happy not only because of receiving presents from Ong Gia Noel but also having the pictures with him! love
Ong Gia Noel taking pictures with each class

Our trip to Ninh Binh was so successful when we could gave 638 books to Gia Hung's primary school, talk to the school teachers about how we hope our books will be useful for the studying of the children and have the commitment of the teachers to help us to manage the use of the books. We also gave the children other meaningful gift by organizing a Christmas party for them. That was the first time in their lives to see and talk to Ong Gia Noel!!

Better Life Vietnam would like to thank to:

The wonderful and enthusiastic staffs and volunteers who helped us to prepare for and join in the trip.

The teachers of Gia Hung primary school for supporting us to carry out this event.

The wonderful children and the parents from Gia Hung village for joining our books giving ceremony and Christmas party

Better Life Vietnam represents for all the children and their families from Gia Hung village would like to thank to our sponsors:

Hanoi Confectionery Joint Stock Company

Mr Dan Rathbun 

Mr John Bentley

Ms Nguyen Thuy Linh 

We would specially thank to Mr Dan Rathbun for acting so well as our Ong Gia Noel!! 

Having no red clothes doesn't prevent Dan to be a beloved Ong Gia Noel 

We hope to carry out this trip regularly to the rural and mountainous areas in Vietnam. The trip delivering books and organizing spiritual activities for the children in those poor areas.