What do we do ?

English club for BLV's volunteers

English club is one of the activities of Better Life Vietnam (BLV) which aims at improving english for our volunteers. This is also a chance for the volunteers to meet the teachers who are BLV's foreign advisors, working for different international projects in Hanoi. Our volunteers can learn from the teachers not only English skills but also living skills and the experience of working for foreign projects.up 
The lessons will be designed based on our teachers' advices and the volunteers themselves. After each class, the volunteers will have homework which requires them to prepare for the next class and to tell us what they want to learn from the lessons.idea 
We had our first successful class yesterday at the Lenin Park. happy 

After having a group pictures, the big group was divided into 5 animals teams: Lion team, Rabbit team, Bear team, Elephant team and Penguin team. jester

Each group found a place to stay themselves. After that, the classes were started by 5 minutes of introduction by each teacher. Then the teachers had 5 minutes to test their students listening skills by asking them what the teachers said. Then, each student had 5 minutes to introduce theirselves and 5 minutes of Q&A by teachers and the other students. Through these "5 minutes" of introductions, the teachers and students got to know each other. 

The class was on Saturday morning, there was a "kid" in Rabbit family who had a job interview on Saturday afternoon. When the Rabbit family knew this, "mama" Rabbit decided to turn the class to a "serious" job interview for the kid. Other Rabbit kids also learnt from this "serious" interview.up

This class lasted 2 hours and was so successful. Both teachers and students got to know each other and enjoyed the class together. Our teachers helped the students to improve their English by making corrections and encouraging the students to be more confident. In turn, our teachers learn some more Vietnamese from the students, learn more about Vietnamese life and about different schools where the students are from. 
Everybody is looking forward to having the next class. To have the next class, the students must finish their homework by telling BLV their feeling about this class and what they expect to have in their next lessons.cool