What do we do ?

English class for the disadvantage kids

This afternoon, our advisors and volunteers went to Bo De pagoda to teach english and play with the orphan kids at this pagoda. Bo De pagoda is a place of Buddhist worship. This pagoda is taking care of 100 children (mostly are orphans).
It was the first time most of our volunteers spending time with the orphan kids. Everybody was so excited about teaching and playing with the kids at this pagoda.

We spent 2 hours with the kids. We decided to play games in the first hour so that our volunteers and the kids can get to know each other. In the second hours, we changed from playing Vietnamese games to English learning games and started our english lessons. 
Each volunteer assisted a little kid to play the games.

Time to practice English. We were surprised by the ability to speak English of the kids in this pagoda. This was our first class in this pagoda so we wanted to teach the kids how to introduce themselves in English. However, most of the kids know how to introduce themselves so we moved to practice speaking English part. We have 2 foreign teachers joining us this afternoon. They moved to each group of the kids to introduce and to listen to the kids' introduction (with our volunteers' assistance).

"It's nice to meet you"

"What is your name?"

Some kids know to ask questions which are not just "introduction". Like this kid, he pointed at Maria's watch and asked: "What is this?"up 

"This is a watch"

The final game: "Who has a longer tongue?"

We had so much fun with the kids in Bo De pagoda. The kids enjoyed our games and our lessons too. Our volunteers also talked to the older kids who are in secondary and high school to see if they need tutors to help them with subjects in their class. BLV's volunteers will come everyday to help them study better.