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BLV's trip delivering 400 sets of textbooks to the 400 children in Tan Lap village

On Sunday, July 24th,2011, Better Life Vietnam took a trip delivering 400 sets of textbooks to the 400 children in Tan Lap village, Bac Giang province. At 7 am, amidst a gentle threat of rain, an excited team of young BLV workers began the three hour journey from Hanoi to Bac Giang.

This was to be an experience which would remain in the memories of all who took part in the tour. The first unforgettable aspect noticed was the marked contrast between the Hanoi environment and the surroundings of Tan Lap Primary School. The community of the school was a far cry from the teeming, vibrant metropolis of Hanoi. And it seemed very strange to see a deserted area, with but a few houses and a school, after the visitors left the bustling Bac Giang main street via a rough road. All quickly realised how hard it was for students there to go to school every day.

The image of this school also surprised many of the BLV team. The building was worn and decrepit and unnamed. Poverty was expected, but not such desolate surroundings. Some of the students were also malnourished, another consequence of poverty. Moreover, the class-room chairs and desks were so old they were falling apart. The children of this school had to study in conditions far below those of thriving Hanoi.

Tan Lap primary school
The students of the Tan Lap primary school

The books were soon presented to the children. Team members were delighted to note the joy with which the books were received by the children and their teachers. This joy was obvious in the eyes of many of the pupils.

400 sets of text-books were delivered to Tan Lap Primary school. All teachers, parents and students promised to preserve the books carefully so that they can pass them on to the next generation. Thus these text-books will not only help 400 students today, but also offer many other children of tomorrow a chance to gain the knowledge. Team members consciously shared a dream of a brighter future for this school. Vietnamese education too, can develop from here, and from everywhere when students treasure books and the knowledge they gain at school.

The return to Hanoi was accomplished comfortably. On arrival at the end of the journey, the BLV members felt they had a far better awareness of the challenges which lies ahead for their country, and were also inspired to work even more powerfully for its success. Their understanding of poverty, of the different levels of learning facilities which have to be catered for, and of the value to the whole nation of support for the underprivileged, was far greater at the end of the trip. As one member of the team put it, “This is why I believe, with BLV, that people should help each other and “make a better place for you and for me and the entire human race”.
The energy, cooperation and future planning evident in the Bac Giang Charity Trip was a satisfying prophesy of a Better Life For Vietnam.

Better Life Vietnam would like to thank Mr & Mrs Simon and Sonja Walter, Ms Alyssa Murguia and their friends in Dubai for helping us to establish this Textbooks library at Tan Lap primary school. We would like to thank the teachers, the parents and the children of Tan Lap village for joining in our books giving ceremony. We would also like to thank our wonderful volunteers for joining and supporting us to carry out this trip.