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BLV Vietnamese Club's day trip to a village in Gia Lam district 2/9/2011

On the occasion of the Vietnamese Independence Day (2/9), BLV Vietnamese Club organized a day trip to a village in Gia Lam district. Participants of this trip include the foreign members of BLV Vietnamese Club (from Canada, Korea, Malaysia, Poland, Singapore, the UK and the USA ) and the volunteers of BLV. Joining in this trip, our foreign members had an opportunity to visit a local market, learn to buy food in Vietnamese and to cook Vietnamese traditional food. 

At 8am, the whole group gathered at 53 Quang Trung street

 Visiting a local market
Buying beef

Buying fresh vegetable

Buying pork

After buying enough food, the whole group went to visit a house in a village in Gia Lam district where they learnt to cook and had lunch. This house has a beautiful fruits garden.

Everybody loved the green color of the village and the garden 

Learning to make Vietnamese Spring Roll

Robert (UK) was making Spring Roll

It was time to cook what the two teams had prepared. Participants, one by one tried to fry at least one piece of Spring Roll.

Dan (USA) didn't want to use chopstick 

Graham (UK) used chopstick well 

Learn to make Pho Cuon (Rice noodle, beef and fresh vegetable)

Pho Cuon, fish sauce, salad, spring rolls

In the afternoon, the whole group had a chance to visit the Red River, walk on the Long Bien bridge and walk along the Ceramics street.
Group picture on Long Bien bridge

                                                            The Red River is behind us 

Better Life Vietnam would like to thank foreign members of Vietnamese Club for joining in this trip and making contribution to our Textbooks project. We would also like to thank our enthusiastic volunteers for their preparation and support for the trip.