What do we do ?

About Better Life Vietnam


The Better Life Vietnam initiative was started in the spring of 2010 by Ms. Nguyen Minh Thinh of Hanoi, and the Walter family of the town of Weiterstadt, near Frankfurt, Germany. They met in Hanoi and realized that they have a shared passion to help improve the lives of the poor in Vietnam. Their enthusiasm is contagious, and Better Life Vietnam now includes a growing network of individuals in Vietnam, Europe, and the United States.

Better Life Vietnam was founded with the belief that access to education, healthcare, food, clean water, and a decent quality of life are basic human rights. The founders realized that with so many needs in communities throughout Vietnam, it is important to simply get started by helping some communities with their most basic needs. With that in mind, they established a relationship with the families in Dong Coc Village, with the intention of expanding these efforts to other communities in the future.

Better Life Vietnam is founded in the spirit of volunteerism for development. Currently, Better Life Vietnam is an unincorporated volunteer charitable activity of like-minded people who want to help Vietnam. We actively seek the help of all interested volunteers from Vietnam and around the world

Help the poor people in Vietnam to have:
Better Education
Better Living Conditions
Better Healthcare
Better Work